List Of Top Healthy Food For Weight Loss

List Of Top Healthy Food For Weight Loss

The workout is quite worthwhile to lose body fats. But if you run for 1 hour and eat chocolate afterward to reward your body, then it is definitely not going to work. Food and diet is the requisite element in losing weight as well as in maintaining a healthy weight. In the list of top healthy food for weight loss, there are two things in common. All weight loss friendly foods are rich in fiber which gives a fullness feeling as well as they restrict the intake of calories.

Exercise also provides some other terrific health benefits along weight loss such as it prevents from many diseases, diabetes and keep a person active for the rest of the day. But when we talk about weight loss, food is as much important as exercise is. When a person does exercise daily, the body becomes habitual and resists fat burning, here a controlled diet plays its role. On the other hand, people who do more exercise feel more hunger and they usually do not care about what they are eating. Because they assume that they can balance it with practice, but it is an unhealthy and wrong perception.

You can cut the stubborn fat off your belly with foods that are rich in nutrients but low in calories and fats. Many people fancy a slim and lean body but are not willing to cut down calories and harmful fats from the diet. Going on a diet does not require total cut down of fats and calories. A healthy diet means to consume all the crucial nutrients of the body in controlled proportions. It focuses on burning more calories per day than the number of calories one consumes.

List Of Top Healthy Food For Weight Loss

There is no food that can do magic in your weight loss. But there is a List Of Top Healthy Food For Weight Loss that assist in achieving weight loss goals.


Eggs are enriched with high-quality protein and it is one of the best foods to meet the protein requirements of the body. Proteins can serve as a powerhouse for weight loss, but their benefits depend on the time when you consume them. Taking proteins in the morning supply more advantage than the rest of the day. Taking egg in breakfast regulate appetite and promotes satisfaction afterward. According to studies people who ate eggs in breakfast tend to lose weight more than people who do not. You can eat 2-4 eggs in breakfast. A single boiled egg contains 80 calories. By adding some vegetables with eggs, you can complete your calorie intake of the day.


List Of Top Healthy Food For Weight Loss

Fruits contain natural sugar for which some people believe that they are unhealthy. But fresh fruits help in reducing weight is terrific ways. Fruit juices, processed foods and other alternatives of fruit are harmful as they contain synthetic taste and high levels of sugar. Natural fruits are a rich source of fiber which keeps your hunger satisfied for a long time and decreases the risk of obesity. They also provide antioxidants to the body.


While discussing the list of top healthy food for weight loss, how can we forget the protein and fiber-rich food almond. Almond is one of the healthy nuts that not only aids weight loss but also decreases the risk of onset of various diseases. The fiber in almonds controls appetite and protein supply energy to the body for its working. You can add this delicious nut in meals or sprinkle it on salad. You can also take it with you in small packing for emergency cravings. Almonds prevent you from going for any unhealthy snacks before the meal.


List Of Top Healthy Food For Weight Loss

It is a superfood to get a toned body and waist. It contains potassium, fiber and healthy monounsaturated fats. Unlike other fruits and vegetables, avocados are rich in calories which provides a feeling of fullness for a longer time and helps a person to lose body fat. Spices can be added to improvise its taste and it can be eaten in a salad. You can combine avocado with eggs to have a nutritious and energetic breakfast. Avocado will provide fiber and healthy fats to the body while eggs will provide protein aiding muscle tissue growth.


Popcorn is a healthy and weight loss friendly snack. It is a healthier replacement for chips or other harmful snacks. It is composed more of fiber, but it also has a low proportion of proteins and calories in it. So, it not only satisfies hunger but also provide sufficient energy to the body. It has a large volume, so it takes more space in stomach giving a feeling of fullness without adding many calories to the body.


Salmon is the name of many species of fatty fish. It is full of healthy fats and high-quality proteins. Salmon limits the calorie intake of a person thus leading to weight loss. For the people who desire to maintain weight with the satisfaction of taste buds, Salmon is the best choice. When salmon is consumed daily with weight loss target, it aids in preserving the muscle mass while losing fats. The fish oil in salmon also promotes weight loss. Salmon itself has a lot of oil in it, so it does not require oil for taste. It can be fried, but the best option is baking with a touch of olive oil.


List Of Top Healthy Food For Weight Loss

Beans like white bean and kidney beans help in regulating hunger patterns and food cravings. These are full of fiber, low in calories and also supply protein to the body. People who eat beans have smaller waistline as well as lower risks of obesity. Other than weight control, beans provide many other health benefits such as these reduce cholesterol level in blood, control blood pressure and decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases. You can add beans in a salad, in vegetable burgers or opt for beans soups.


According to researches yogurt boost the fat burning process of the body provides a slim belly and increase rate of weight loss. People who consume yogurt on a daily basis have less fat in their body than people who do not. It provides protein to the body and limits intake of calories. Yogurt is also a rich source of calcium, higher levels of calcium in the body not only strengthen bones but also decrease the amount of Calcitriol in the body. Calcitriol is the hormone which aids in fat storage, so eventually, a person will lose more fat by ingesting yogurt. Take low fat, unsweetened and plain yogurt in breakfast to have better results.


Vegetables show incredible results in losing fats from the body including cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cabbage are rich in fiber as well as contain sufficient amount of protein. Eating vegetables improve overall health as well as help the body fight against certain diseases. Similarly, they contain fewer calories thus aid to maintain a healthy weight.

Apple Cider Vinegar

List Of Top Healthy Food For Weight Loss

Apple cider vinegar provides numerous health benefits and people drink it by adding water in it to avail from its benefits. Studies have shown that this vinegar assists in weight loss by promoting the feeling of fullness and limiting calorie intake. To satisfy hunger, you can add apple cider vinegar on salad.

Include this list of top healthy food for weight loss in your daily life routine along with regular exercise to proceed towards your ideal body weight goal. A balanced diet and workout provide excellent weight loss results in a short time span. Along with this food always keep in mind the requirements of the body. Always stick to the plan that fits with the body type and lifestyle. Some people choose immense exercises or diet plans to become slim quickly which leads to many health hazards. It might make them lean physically, but they will lose fitness.


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