The Most Important Exercises For Women

The Most Important Exercises For Women

There was a time when gyms were full of only men but today’s women are as much conscious about their bodies as men are. For women exercise not merely means to have a skinny body, it means to poses a healthy and internally fit body. Exercise not only prevents many diseases but it also reduces bone loss in women, so they must know the most important exercises for women and start practicing them today.

Women suffer from hormonal imbalance more than men. Exercise releases endorphins in the body which is the mood-regulating hormone. It makes women feel happy and give them a feeling of relaxation after physical activity. It is also the best way to lose body fat. Diet and yoga play a vital role in the weight loss process, but exercise provides fast results. Also, it improves the sleep patterns of a person.

Systematic body functioning is dependant on sleep as it helps to regain energy. Thus eventually exercise makes a person active and productive. Exercise provides limitless health benefits to the human body. It controls blood pressure, lowers levels of blood sugar and cholesterol, improves the health of the heart and improves digestion. It also adds years in your life. Studies have proved that people who exercise daily have long lives than people who do not exercise.

The Most Important Exercises For Women

Every woman has a different body type and every woman has different targets of the desired body. Some women need a lean body but not a skinny one, some want toned legs and some want bulky legs with flat belly. For this women should be aware of their physical activities. They should go for the exercise according to the body parts they want to target.

Ball Roll Out

The Most Important Exercises For Women

Ball roll out is a version of plank which strengthens the spine. It is a perfect exercise for women specially mothers. The practice of this exercise ends up in full body stabilization and strengthening. Start with forearms on top of Swiss ball while knees are on the ground. Roll the elbows on the ball towards forward and return. Slowly raise the knees in such a way that hips, knees and shoulders are in a straight line while rolling on the ball.

Walking Lunges

This exercise focuses on strengthening the legs and knees. Many women suffer from knee pain. This exercise will relieve knee pain in the future and make your bones stronger. It is also best for women athletes. With the right foot take a step and lower the body towards the ground. Both knees should bend at 90-degree angle. Now move the left foot ahead with the same bent position. Continue to walk as far as you could with the lunge position.


The Most Important Exercises For Women

The squat is a full body exercise. It strengthens all muscles and specially legs. It leads to a toned lower body and provides strength to the body. Start with standing straight with feet apart. Lower the hips and back in such a way that shin and back angle are parallel. It is not essential to combine it with weight at the start. First, practice this position and then start lifting the weight.


Pull-ups are considered to be the foremost exercise for the strengthening of the upper body. But this exercise also involves back muscles and eventually, it leads to the strengthening of back muscles and also elongates them. Women also end up with a small waist through this exercise. It is one of the most straightforward activities among the most important exercises for women. Do it with a pull-up machine. Start with overhand and shoulder grip and lift your body using outer back muscles. Keep the body tight as well as straight and move back to the initial position.

Lateral Lunges

Women have wider hips as compared to men which increase risks of knee injuries in women. Lateral lunges help to prevent ACL injuries by providing balance and strengthening the hip muscles. For this exercise stand with feet at shoulders width distance. Step towards right shifting body weight to right leg and make a 90-degree angle at the right knee. Move the hips towards the floor while keeping back straight. The left leg should form a slope with the floor. While exhaling bring the right leg back to the initial position.

TRX Low Row

The Most Important Exercises For Women

TRX low row targets to strengthen the middle back and to some extend forearms, shoulder, lower back and biceps. It assists in improving the posture of women leading to lower risks of injuries. For this exercise hook the TRX cable to some height. Hold the handles and lean back with arms extended out and palms facing each other pull the body up. The handles of the cable should be right under the chest and then release your body back to the starting point.


Planks have many health benefits including it aids back pain, improves posture, strengthens the core, increases metabolism and provides balance. In this exercise the position of the body is similar to push-ups and body weight is shifted to elbows, forearms and toes. This exercise has different postures like reverse plank and side plank which are also beneficial for muscle strengthening.


Belly fat is the difficulty which is faced by the majority of women. Although they do exercise, they might lack the knowledge that which workout specially targets the belly fat. For them, the crunch is the best choice. It is the most popular abdominal exercise ending up in a toned and flat belly. A crunch begins by lying on the ground. Bent the knees and hands should stick behind the neck with elbows bent. Move the upper body towards pelvis while knees are bent and then move back to initial position.


Deadlift involves the muscles of the whole body and it is one of the excellent full body exercises. It helps to attain balance and a perfect posture. Its regular practice prevents injuries and increases overall strength. For this exercise stand in such a way that your feet are under the barbell. Bend down and grab the bar with your hands at shoulder width distance. Shins should tough the bar with knees bent. Now lift the bar above chest and lower back should be straight. Hold it according to your strength and then gradually place it back. Mastering this exercise takes time, it is not necessary to lift the bar on the first day.


The Most Important Exercises For Women

Push-up is a worthwhile exercise to gain upper body strength. It focuses on pectoral muscles, shoulders and triceps. Push-ups are useful for the abdominal and back muscles. For the proper posture of this exercise lay down on the ground with face downwards. Arms should be perpendicular to the floor at shoulder width distance. Toes should touch the ground and the body should be in a straight line. Now start raising and lowering the body by bending elbows. None of your body parts should touch the ground except palms and toes.

All these are the most important exercises for women they must include in their workout. These exercises will not only shed body fat but will also make women confident to move around. All these will help women in building muscles, improving the health of their bones, attaining balance and makes their body more flexible. As a result, women will resist many diseases and injuries.


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